Resolves Today


Completely free

Skype2IP is completely free to use for everyone, we pay our servers with received donations.

Own servers

We're using our own powerful dedicated servers to resolve the IP's, that means it's very fast and stable.

Always Online

Our servers remain online 24/7, that means you can use Skype2IP whenever you want.


Although Skype2IP is free to use for everyone, we also need to pay our servers for the website and the resolvers itself.
To cover the costs, we ask people who like Skype2IP and can miss something to donate everything they can miss.
That way we hope we can keep going long with Skype2IP in the future.
But keep in mind donating is not required but always appreciated!

API Resolver

Free API

We have a free API for people to use in their own applications, while the API is free to use there are some limitations on this free version of the API.
With the free API you get a random timeout between 5 and 15 seconds, and a maximum use of 5 times per minute.
If you want to bypass this limitations, you have to buy the Premium version of the API.


Premium API

We also provide a premium api for the people who want use it frequently and don't like waiting for response.
We ask a little contribution ($25) to use this API, we use the money for improving Skype2IP and pay our servers.
If you buy premium access to the API you are helping us, and you get something back to use yourself.
NOTE: After the purchase has been succeeded, you receive an API key and instructions within 24 hours on the email address used with PayPal.